At Hill and Trail Bicycle Company, it's our job to match you with your perfect bike. Whether you're looking for a bike built for comfort, or a bike built for speed, we've got the bike that can cater to all of your personal desires and needs! Although we specialize in dealing Sun, Terra Trike, GT, and our top of the line Cannondale bikes, we offer servicing on any bicycle that needs fixing. We also offer a bike storage plan, and a rescue service to help avoid any unnecessary hassle. Along with our bikes, we carry all kinds of bike accessories and apparel to equip you on your ride.

Get started on the trail! Pick from our selection of single speed bikes, and rent for only $5/hour, or $15/day. Pick from our selection of multispeed bikes, and rent for only $10/hour, or $30/day. Biking not for you? We also offer golf cart rental for $15/hour! When applying for use of our rental service, simply fill out a few easy and quick contact information sheets, and hit the Tangle Foot Trail located immediate behind our store for your convenience!


Stuck on the trail? Don't worry. We've got carts on the ready to help you. Just call us at (662) 489-2161 and request a rescue team, and we will be on our way with bike racks, and the guarantee of a hassle free ride back to the store where your bike can be serviced immediately!

For only $10/month, Hill & Trail offers a storage service plan where your bike(s) can be stored right here at the store for your convenience. Skip the hassle of carrying bikes back and forth, and trying to make room to keep it at your home. Simply store it in our designated storage area and come ride whenever convenient for you!